378 History of Wake Forest College
addition to those named. Jordan showed himself much the better
controversalist but his opponents, some of whom introduced
personalities, doubtless had the majority of readers with
In the
course of his article one of the writers said that Wayland's book had
been disapproved "without a dissenting vote." This brought a reply
from Rev. Elias Dodson who with one thrust of his lance disposed of
the statement, saying that he not only voted against the proposition
but also spoke against
Jordan suggested that several others of the
Trustees were not present when the vote was taken, but one who was
present named them as being in the meeting.
It may be said further that Wayland's Moral Science was used at the
State University and is listed in the Catalogue as late as 1860.
Ibid., May 21; June 4, 25; July 2, 9, 16, 30, 1857.
Ibid., July 16, 1857. Dodson wrote: "In the Recorder I observe a small mistake.
My name is as enrolled against Wayland's Moral Science. I spoke for the book, and
voted for it, believing that we could not get a better. It was much less objectionable
than Paley which had been in our colleges for a long time in the South. I fear there
is too much sensitiveness both in the North and in the South. The moderate men on
both sides will be the men to save the country. As long as I live I shall regret the
separation of the Baptist North and South."
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