Rev. Samuel Wait's term as president of the College extended from
February, 1839, to June, 1845. During most of this time he was, as we
have seen, absent from Wake Forest as agent for the College and
sometimes as agent for the Baptist State Convention. His first agency
extended from February to December 1839. In October, 1841 he was
asked to act as agent for three months. In June, 1842, the Trustees
asked him to go as an agent, and again in June, 1843, and he
continued in that work until November 26, 1844. He seems to have
resided at the College from January 1840 to October, 1841, and from
January, 1842, till June, 1842. While he was absent the administration
of the College fell to John B. White, who was named acting-
President, December 19, 1838.1
This arrangement was kept up during the whole time of the
presidency of President Wait. Wait, however, was often at home on
visits and doubtless kept his hands on the conduct of affairs. He was
also present at the meetings of the Board of Trustees and at the
Commencements at which he officiated. Though at first the number of
students increased under the agency of Wait, yet the records reveal
that soon his absence at the College began to be felt. In January 1839,
only three teachers besides a tutor were left at the College. These
were Daniel Richardson, who, as we have seen, before the end of
1839 was dismissed by the Trustees, and Stephen Morse, who
remained until June, 1841, when he offered his resignation, and John
B. White, who later was to become president of the College.
Of the events of Wait's administration much has been told in former
chapters.2 When the institution first began to operate
1 Proceedings, p. 34.
2 Materials for this period of the college history are not as abundant as for some
others, since for more than a year in 1841-42 the Biblcial Recorder suspended
publication. For the most part I have had to depend on the records
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