Administration of Samuel Wait I 387
for the institution which he helped create. It is said that he would
often be found making his way through the grounds and laying his
aged and feeble hands on the College Building as if in affection and
pride. He died on July 28, 1867; his remains lie in the Wake Forest
11 Though the limits of this work preclude any extended account of Dr. Wait's
work, the character of his administration of Oxford College may be inferred from
the following note by J. H. Mills, Biblical Recorder, April 21, 1859: "Two years I
was intimately associated with him. I never saw a man more diligent or decided in
the discharge of duty or more zealously devoted to the service of those who
employed him. So far as the school depended on him it succeeded. Its internal
condition has all the time been good."
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