Samuel Wait II 397
been discussed in his editorial column was brought to the attention of
the Board of Trustees, and we may be sure that it had lost none of its
force in the thirteen months that elapsed between its publication and
the time when Owen's resignation was demanded. Just how much
influence it had with the Trustees and how much the other grounds of
dissatisfaction which have been mentioned must remain uncertain.
But the fact is that after fifteen years of most loyal and efficient
service Owen was dismissed.
After leaving his work in the College Owen remained at Wake
Forest for several months, when he formed a partnership with R. H.
Graves, and moved with his mother and sisters to Hillsboro. He
continued to write occasional articles for the Biblical Recorder. In
January, 1862, he became associated with Rev. L. H. Shuck, in the
conduct of Beulah Institute at Madison. (Letter of Shuck, Biblical
Recorder, January 29, 1862).
William Tell Brooks was another instructor of the College who
began his services during the administration of President Wait. He
entered on his work as tutor probably in August, 1841, on the
invitation of President Wait.24 Although the exact date is not
recovered there is little doubt that it was at this time that he came,
since Morse had left in June and Owen did not come until January,
1844. He continued as Tutor until October, 1846, when he was made
Adjunct Professor of Ancient Languages, which position he held until
December, 1858.25 On occasion he doubtless taught other classes than
those in Latin and Greek.
a part of the time he was at College, he had with him a servant, whom,
on leaving for his home in Chatham Co., he disposed of to Dr. Wait. A tutor was
needed soon after. The presence of this servant seemed to suggest to Bro. Wait the
possibility of getting Bro. Brooks. The man was put at once on a horse with
instruction to go to his old home and bring back with him his former master.
Returning thus to his Alma Mater, Bro. Brooks came never again to go away until
summoned to receive his reward."
25 The Wake Forest Church Record Book shows that Mrs. Emily W. Brooks was
received by letter in June, 1841, and W. T. Brooks began to be active in the Church
in the fall of the same year. He also had general charge of the Preparatory
Department for many years. Wake Forest Student, XXVIII, 340.
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