Samuel Wait II 399
president, Professor Brooks served as pastor of the Wake Forest
Baptist Church, first for a short period in the spring of 1849, and
again from December 1853, to August, 1854. In fact, his interest and
labors were largely in the religious field. For about thirty years, 1847-
77, he was pastor at Mount Vernon Baptist Church, formerly Wake
Liberty, about eight miles southwest of the College. From its
constitution in June, 1859, until January, 1874, he was pastor of the
Forestville Baptist Church, while he left because of the dissatisfaction
of its members with him for the part he was supposed to have had in
the removal of the freight depot from Forestville to Wake Forest in
He was one of the group at Wake Forest that was in the thick
of the conflict over retaining Rev. P. W. Dowd as Moderator of the
Raleigh Association, which led the Wake Forest Church to join the
Tar River Association. He was the principal mover in the formation of
the Central Association, which was done at his church at Forestville
in October, 1859. He had the chief part in building up the Baptist
Church in Henderson. He was also active in the work of the Baptist
State Convention and was its president for the five years beginning
with 1869.
Some of the other principal facts of his life are as follows: He was
the son of Terrell Brooks of the Rives' Chapel section of Chatham
County, born, 1767, and of his wife Susannah, born in Maryland in
1772. His father was a substantial farmer and died when William Tell
was fifteen years of age, leaving a widow and six sons and seven
daughters. In a revival that followed the meeting of the Baptist State
Convention at Rives' Chapel, August 11-16, 1832, he made a
profession of religion and a month later joined the Rives' Chapel
Church. He was ordained by the Wake Forest Church, April 3, 1842.
From January to March, 1834, he attended the Tick Creek Academy
of which John
L. Gay was principal; on June 14, 1834, he came to Wake Forest
Institute, and five years later, in June, 1839, he received the Bachelor
of Arts degree in the first class graduated by the College.
28 Statement of W. B. Royall, who succeeded Brooks in the pastorate.
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