404 History of Wake Forest College
and Professor Owen had letters, the former over the name "Amicus,"
exhorting those students who were to return to keep the high moral
and religious standards of the past year, the latter giving in some
detail a statement of the entrance requirements.
The year 1845-46 saw a revival of interest in the College. The
number of students for each term increased nearly fifty per cent, the
number for the year being 92. S. S. Satchwell, later one of the ablest
physicians in the State, was secured as
In the fall term of 1846
the number of students reached 81, and 90 came in the spring term,
the total enrollment for 1846-47 being 105.
In May, 1846, it was reported to the Chowan Association that the
anticipated coming of Dr. Hooper to assume the presidency had
"changed the prospects of the College much for the better, with an
increase of students from 50 to 80 and everything at the place
seemingly going up.”
At the Commencement of 1846 occurred an event which kindled
unbounded enthusiasm, the graduation of Matthew Tyson Yates, who
was already accepted as a missionary of the Southern Baptist
Convention to China. Beginning on the College Hill, when Professor
White immediately after Commencement collected $250 to pay some
debts of Yates and set him free for the foreign field, this enthusiasm
spread throughout the State. The Raleigh Association assumed the
financial burden of Yates's support, and he was ordained for his
missionary work at the meeting of the North Carolina Baptist State
Convention in Raleigh that year. Thus the College was established in
the affections of the Baptists of the State as never before, sharing in
the general warm affection that was manifested towards Yates and his
bride, Miss Eliza Moring of Chatham County, who soon after her
marriage in the summer of 1846: was baptized into the membership of
the Wake Forest Baptist Church.5
Very quietly Dr. Hooper began his work as president. The
3 General Catalogue, p. 18.
Minutes of Chowan Association for 1846.
5 Wake Forest Church Book, November 14, 1846.
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