Administration of William Hooper 405
event was noticed editorially in the Biblical Recorder of January 23,
1847. "This is an arrangement," says Meredith, "which has been
greatly desired by many of the friends of the Institution. For ourselves
we rejoice that he has seen fit to return to his native State, that he has
become identified with the best interest of the denomination here." Of
like strain was a letter of William Hill Jordan in the same paper of
April 3, 1847, much of which has been quoted in the discussion of
Jordan's agency for the College.
Hooper had hardly been at the College a month when he was called
to deliver an address before the young ladies of Sedgwick Seminary
of Raleigh, of which a most complimentary account was given in the
Raleigh Register.6 But for the most part Dr. Hooper remained at the
College. Though his name is on the list of delegates from the Wake
Forest Church to the Baptist State Convention 1847, the minutes
make it clear that he was not in attendance; he was not among the
delegates of the Convention of next year, the College church being
represented by Professors Brooks and White. Perhaps the absence of
Hooper is explained by the fact that the Convention in both these
years met at remote country churches; in 1847 at Friendship Church
in Cumberland County; in 1848 at Rockford Church in Surry (now
Yadkin) County. So far as appears Dr. Hooper himself did not go into
the field to solicit funds to pay the debts of the College, but it is
known that he was on most intimate terms with one of these agents,
Rev. William Hill Jordan, who began his agency contemporaneously
with Hooper's coming to the College.
The retiring nature of Dr. Hooper was manifest in his reluctance to
assume the pastorate of the church at Wake Forest, but evidence other
than that given is not wanting that his modest, quiet Christian life was
most impressive on all of the College
In another chapter
something has also been said of the high esteem in which he was held
by the students and of the benediction the ablest among them counted
it to be under his in
Republished in Biblical Recorder, March 6, 1847.
7 Tribute of William Hill Jordan, Biblical Recorder, September 13, 1876.
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