Administration of William Hooper 413
request his body was laid beside that of his mother and her husband,
President Joseph Caldwell, on the University campus.
In resolutions after his death, penned by Mrs. Cornelia Phillips
Spencer, the University faculty declared: "Dr. Hooper's life was a
bright example of Christian virtue, of rare culture, and of singular
social excellence. . . . He devoted with unselfish aim to the service of
his fellow men talents and attainments which in the academy and in
the pulpit or with the help of the press were never idle. He gave to the
University his best years, was during his whole life its staunch friend,
and shed over it the luster of his ripe and elegant scholarship, his
broad and catholic charity, his unblemished career as a most useful
and honored citizen and noble Christian
The Baptist State Convention applied to him fitting tribute in the
words of Rev. William Hill Jordan. Though the Trustees of the
College were silent, it is certain that all who love the College feel and
will always feel that the fact that this great and good man was even
for a short period its president has shed undying luster over its early
soul dropped its frail and wasted tenement he seemed to have a foretaste of the
heavenly glory."
16 Battle, History of the University of North Carolina, II, 108.
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