Administration of John Brown White 419
that White did not consent to remain. Thereupon the Trustees offered
him an increase of salary, twelve hundred dollars a year, and a house
rent free, if he would consent to continue in the presidency. He agreed
on these terms to remain until the end of the year 1852 and possibly
longer if a suitable person could not be found to take his place, in the
search for whom he asked permission to conduct a correspondence. It
is not evident, however, that the request was granted.10
In June, 1852, the Trustees appointed a committee on the
presidency to report at the time of the Baptist State Convention in
Smithfield. Meeting on October 16 the Trustees received and
accepted the resignation of White, and appointed a committee of five
to settle with him. Furthermore the Board showed their good will by a
resolution offered by N. J. Palmer and adopted, which read:
Resolved, That the resignation of President White heretofore tendered, be
accepted, and that the Board return their sincere thanks to him for the zeal and
faithful ability with which he has discharged the duties of the office of Professor,
and President of the College, during his long stay with us, and that we most heartily
recommend him to the confidence of our brethren generally, or to any institution of
learning with which he may become connected.
The Board also appointed a committee of three consisting of N. J.
Palmer, J. S. Purefoy and J. J. James, to prepare and publish in the
Biblical Recorder suitable testimonials relative to White's connection
with the College. As White was soon after persuaded to remain, this
was not done.
At this meeting the Board elected Rev. J. J. Brantley as president,
and Professor W. H. Owen to be acting-president. As Brantley did not
accept another meeting was necessary and this was held at the College
on December 2, 1852. Then White was unanimously reelected
president, with an increase of salary to twelve hundred and fifty
dollars and the further consideration that he should be released from
the payment of interest on his subscription to the endowment. On
invitation White came before
10 Ibid., p. 84.
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