420 History of Wake Forest College
the Board, and it seems that he had an understanding with that body
that he would now remain permanently at the College. That this was
done is clear from a letter of Rev. J. S. Purefoy in the Biblical
Recorder of April 29, 1853; in this same letter Mr. Purefoy quotes
from a letter in the Tennessee Baptist which indicates that White had
for a considerable time been in communication with the Trustees of
the Brownsville, Tennessee, Female Seminary, and that he had been
invited to become the head of that institution probably before he first
offered his resignation in October, 1851.11
Soon after the Commencement of 1853 it became known that White
was purposing to leave this work at Wake Forest at the close of the
fall term in December,
His resignation was formally laid
before the Trustees by letter at their meeting in New Bern on
Saturday, October 14, and was accepted. On the following Monday
the Trustees voted that the Bursar should settle with White at the rate
of one thousand dollars per annum, alleging
11 The letter of Mr. Purefoy, dated Wake Forest College, April 18, 1853, is in part
as follows:
“We copy the following extract from a communication of Champ C. Conner,
President of Western T[ennessee] B[aptist] Convention, found in the last Tennessee
"'Although it has been published in different papers that he (Pres't White) has
been reelected President of Wake Forest College and has entered upon his duties as
President of that College, it has all the time been understood by the Board of
Trustees of Wake Forest that President White would not continue to teach for them
a day longer than he may be detained in their midst by sickness.'
"We remark on the above, that it is true that President White declined going to
Brownsville on account of the sickness of his family, and consented to accept again
the presidency of Wake Forest College.
"But that 'it has all the time . . . by sickness,' is without the shadow of foundation
for correctness. It was distinctly understood by the Board at the time of President
White's reelection to the presidency of Wake Forest College, that it would be a
permanent connection, and should it prove otherwise, doubtless each member of the
Board present on the occasion of his reelection would to say the least feel
themselves greatly disappointed.
"We are pleased to be able to state to the numerous friends of Wake Forest
College that President White has since his reelection visited the Northern cities and
purchased a set of Chemical and Philosophical Apparatus, with which he is now
successfully experimenting and illustrating before his classes with increased interest
in the College."
12 See letter of "Trustee," Biblical Recorder, September 9, 1853.
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