426 History of Wake Forest College
College on account of the Civil War. Though he did not again resume
his duties as teacher, he did not make his formal resignation until
June, 1868. Until June, 1855, he also taught the classes in Chemistry,
and was intrusted by the Trustees with the purchase of apparatus for
that department. His life as a teacher was uneventful, but that he was
equipped to do the work is attested by Professor L. R. Mills, later
Professor of Mathematics at the College, who received instruction in
Walters' classroom. In a sketch of Dr. Walters found in the North
Carolina Baptist Almanac of 1883, Rev. J. S. Purefoy says: "As a
Professor he was punctual, agreeable in his classes, often taking extra
pains to encourage and help up a flagging boy. He was much
respected by his colleagues and gave general satisfaction in his
Walters also rendered other services to the College. For the year
1852-53 and later for the years 1872-77 he was the Treasurer of the
Board of Trustees. While on the faculty he was the Bursar of the
He was greatly interested in the work of the Gospel ministry and to
this and farming he devoted much energy in the later years of his life.
"He preached with vigor”22 and was very successful in the
establishing of new churches, those at Littleton and Weldon being due
to his ministry. He always took an active interest in the work of his
local church and the denomination. In 1866 he was appointed
Corresponding Secretary of the Baptist State Convention and held the
place for three years. With reference to this Purefoy says: "In this
work he performed much hard labor. He had on his hands the interests
of State and Foreign Missions, with Ministerial Education. These had
been suspended during the War, and had to be resusciated by the
financial aid of a thoroughly bankrupt people. Dr. Walters threw
himself into the work with all the ardor of his soul and energy of his
nature. He succeeded beyond our most sanguine expectations. We are
indebted to his energetic and inspiring labors for our present success
and prosperity in missionary and educational work. The
Sketch by Dr. T. H. Pritchard in Cathcart's Baptist
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