Administration of John Brown White 427
pulsations of his labors and influence will be felt to future genera-
tions, for he gave much shape and direction to our
Dr. Walters was also interested in journalism. In the fall 1867, he
purchased the Biblical Recorder of Dr. J. D. Hufham, and soon
thereafter associated with himself Mr. J. H. Mills, to whom he sold
his interest after a few months. Later he became agricultural editor of
the same paper and continued the work until his death. Being himself
one of the best and most successful farmers in the State he was well
fitted for this work, and was able to do much for the improvement of
agriculture in the State. He was for a time editor of the Farm Journal.
Dr. Walters was twice married. His first wife was Miss Bettie
Davidson, daughter of A. A. Davidson, of Charlotte County, Virginia,
whom he married on October 2, 1850. She is described by a student of
those days24 as "young and beautiful, full of the joy of living, reared
according to the standards of the best social life of Virginia," and one
whose presence inspired all to do their best. She lived only a few brief
years after her marriage, dying on January 13, 1856. Dr. Walters'
second wife was Miss I. Olivia Wingate of Darlington, South
Carolina, a sister of President W. M. Wingate, whom he married on
December 17, 1856. Dr. Walters died on December 31, 1876, but
Mrs. Walters long survived him, known and loved by all at Wake
Forest, dying in October, 1914.
23 The quotations are from a sketch of Walters in the North
Carolina Baptist Almanac for 1883, p. 33.
Dr. J. D. Hufham, Wake Forest Student, XXVIII, 339. His
statement is quoted at greater length in the chapter on Board, etc.
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