Administration of Washington Manly Wingate 435
that with the close of the session the chair of Ancient Languages
which he held would be vacant. The Trustees in alarm sent a
committee of their wisest members, headed by the genial and tactful
T. E. Skinner, to Foote with the request that he consent to remain. In
this the committee was successful, and the Trustees made place for
both Foote and Royall by naming the former Professor of Greek, and
the latter Professor of Latin. But the mischief was already done and
could not be remedied in a day or a year. The next year, 1860-61, the
registration fell still lower and was only sixty-seven.
In the year 1860-61, however, there was the further cause of fewer
students in the discontinuation of the preparatory department, but a
few years before there had been more collegiate students registered
than the entire enrollment that year.
During the ante-bellum period of Wingate's administration sixty-six
students were graduated, considerably more than half of all during the
first twenty-three years of the College. Nearly all of these were to
prove able and good men, and some of them men of high attainments
and distinction. Among the ministers were Marable, Hufham,
Belcher, Beacham, Shuck, Ivey, Richardson and Burrows; among the
educators, Emerson, Mills, Royall; among the men of affairs Ellis and
Wooten. A full list is given in the footnote below.12 Some account
will be given of nearly all under other heads.
12 Graduates: 1855, Robert Hayes Burn, Andrew Jackson Emerson, Philip
Washington Johnson, Benjamin Franklin Marable, James A. Pitchford, John
Calhoun Pitchford, Robert T. Pitchford, William Robert Trawick. 1856, Moses
Baldwin, Elijah Forbes Beachum, Benson Field Cole, Charles Wilmot Egerton,
Thomas Jackson Foote, Henry Hamilton Harris, James Dunn Hufham, Frederick
Marion Purefoy, Lewis H. Shuck, Benjamin Franklin Simmons. 1857, Joseph
Dozier Boushall, John Clayton Devin, Charles Stephen Ellis, Hardiman Dunn
Fowler, William Hill Jordan, Jr., Addison Foster Purefoy. 1858, John Berry,
William Junius Bishop, Benjamin Franklin Hester, James Elisha Lassiter, James
Washington Mitchell, Thomas J. Pitchford, William B. Watford. 1859, Thomas
Deans Boone, George A. Graves, William G. Graves, John H. C. Jones, Peter P.
Parker, William Carey Parker, N. V. B. Powell, Anthony Edmund Rhodes, James
Matchet Taylor, James McDaniel White. 1860, Fitz Henry Ivey, Griffin Stevens
Jones, John Randolph Kelly, William R. Larkins, Abram Wimbish Poindexter,
Robert Risop Savage. 1861, Francis Adolphus Belcher, J. Thomas Deans, William
Raleigh Lindsay, Dougald C.
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