436 History of Wake Forest College
Like other colleges of the day Wake Forest College gave the
of Master of Arts, both "in course," that is, to its graduates of previous
years who had won some distinction, and as an honorary title.
Beginning with 1843 and ending with 1860 the College conferred
twenty-nine such degrees, of which twenty-one were "in course," and
eight honorary. Those who received the degree "in course" were: in
1843, Alexander Argo Connella (A.B., 1840); in 1844, Oscar Fitz
Allen Baxter (A.B., 1840), William Tell Brooks (A.B., 1839), John
Lamb Pritchard (A.B., 1840), John Cave Rogers (A.B., 1840),
Matthew Turner Waddill (A.B., 1840); in 1846, Willis Whitaker
Childers (A.B., 1839); in 1854, John Crumpler Averitt (A.B., 1851),
David Richard Wallace (A.B., 1850), Washington Manly Wingate
(A.B., 1849); in 1855, William Edward Poole (A.B., 1848), William
Gaston Simmons (A.B., 1852); in 1856, John Mitchell (A.B., 1852),
James Henry Foote (A.B., 1852); in 1857, John Haymes Mills (A.B.,
1854); in 1858, Philip Washington Johnson A.B., 1855), Benjamin
Wesley Justice (A.B., 1850); in 1859, John Calhoun Pitchford (A.B.,
1855), Lewis H. Shuck (A.B., 1856); in 1860, James Dunn Hufham
(A.B., 1856), Benjamin Franklin Marable (A.B., 1855).
All the eight honorary degrees of Master of Arts were conferred in
the two years 1851 and 1852. One was on Rev. James McDaniel of
Fayetteville, who had been a student of Wake Forest Institute in 1837-
38, who for many years was president of the Baptist State
Convention. He was given the degree in 1851. In the same year this
degree was conferred on Rev. J. Lewis Shuck, missionary to China,
and Rev. C. R. Hendrickson, then pastor of the Baptist Church at
Elizabeth City, of whom some account is given in the chapter on
"Public Exercises." In 1852 the honorary degree of Master of Arts
was conferred on William H. Bennett
McMillan, Luther Rice Mills, James B. Richardson, William Bailey Royall, Thomas
Fentress Toon, Council Simmons Wooten. 1862, William A. Brunt, Lansing
Burrows, Alonzo Harris Dunn, Junius H. Dunn, David Dowd Gill, James King
Howell, John G. Jones, Thomas Tinsley Lawson, Edwin Smith Moore, George
Washington Sanderlin.
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