Administration of Washington Manly Wingate 437
of Carroll County, Mississippi, Rev. John H. Lacy of Caswell County,
Albert H. Dowell of Greene County, Daniel S. Richardson of Franklin
County, and Rev. Thomas W. Tobey of Raleigh. Of Bennett no
further record is available; Lacy was an able and respected Baptist
minister; Dowell was afterwards principal of the Associational
Academy at Holly Springs in Wake County; Richardson was a
distinguished master of several academies in succession in Franklin
County; Tobey was at that time editor of the Biblical Recorder, which
position he resigned after two years to become pastor of the church in
Yanceyville; later, he held important pastorates in Alabama,
Kentucky, and Florida, and was connected with Howard College,
Judson College, and Bethel College, of the latter as president.
In this period the College conferred two doctorates, the degree of
Doctor of Divinity in 1849 on its former president, Samuel Wait, and
the degree of Doctor of Laws in 1855 on John B. O'Neal, at that time
Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals of South Carolina, and from
1858 until his death in 1867 President of the Southern Baptist
Convention; of him an extended account is given in Cathcart's Baptist
It is probable that in 1855 some other was recommended for the
degree of Doctor of Divinity, as a resolution was introduced before
the Trustees at their Commencement meeting declaring that the Board
did not "regard itself competent or authorized to confer Ecclesiastical
titles such as that of Doctor of Divinity upon the ministers of Jesus
Christ," which after prolonged discussion was laid in the table. In the
same year there was some discussion of the matter in the Biblical
Recorder, which was only the prelude to a discussion of the same
question by Dr. William Hooper and Rev. William Hill Jordan which
ran through many issues of the same paper in the latter half of 1857,
with the former favoring and latter opposing the granting of the
A very important event in Wingate's administration was the
organization of the Wake Forest Alumni Association. This was
proposed in a communication in the Biblical Recorder on Novem-
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