442 History of Wake Forest College
again clasp the ties of fast friendship amid these joyous festivals and find still
awaiting us and smiling to greet us the charmed pursuits of peace."
After this great address, which Editor Hufham of the Biblical
Recorder, calls "an example of the affectionate relation existing
between faculty and students," the faculty set about preparing for the
next session. An advertisement in the Biblical Recorder, gave notice
that the session would open on July 22, with a Military Department,
with which every student would be required to connect himself,
purchasing a substantial uniform.
Professor Foote, however, was already planning to enter the
military service of the Confederacy. On July 16, at a great rally at
Forestville, a military company was organized of which he was
elected captain and H. D. Fowler of the class of 1857 one of the
lieutenants. On that occasion both President Wingate and Professor
Walters were present and had charge of the religious part of the
On the same day, July 16, 1861, came the death of William
Crenshaw, one of the first Trustees and the first Treasurer of the
Institution. He was born, July 19, 1783; married Sarah Bodie Martin,
January 6, 1806; became a member of the Wake Union Church in
1830, being baptized by Rev. John Purefoy, and becoming a deacon
in 1842, held that position until his death.19
Only about thirty students were registered in the year, 186162. Five
of these were beneficiaries, and several others ministerial students.
All, however, took military training, and fell into line with alacrity.
Even President Wingate had to exclaim at the change in appearance of
peace-loving men clad in the habiliments of war, and remarked on
their altered gait from the leisurely walk of the days of peace to the
firm tread of the soldier as he goes to duty. "But," says he, "our whole
country is changed, and we shall strive here to be useful by
maintaining on the one hand, as best we can, society's integrity, and
by preparing on the
18 Raleigh Sentinel and also Raleigh Standard, July 24, 1861.
19 Biblical Recorder, July 24, 1861.
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