Board and Dress 451
injury could not be fixed on its doer it was to be charged to the
general account. It can thus be seen that with such duties the steward
probably found himself in hot water most of the time.
This fact was recognized by the Trustees who ordered that each
member of the faculty have a room in the College Building and be
required regularly to visit the rooms of the students. The Trustees
required further that one or more members of the faculty preside over
the students at their meals.7
Thus affairs went on until the close of the session of 1838 on
November 28. As the institution was now becoming a college the
Trustees after some deliberation ordered that the steward's department
should be separated from the literary department, and appointed a
committee to advertise for bids "to secure a suitable person to take
charge of the boarding house.”8
This committee, of which David Justice was chairman, advertised
in the Biblical Recorder of November 10, 1838, and in the other
Raleigh papers, offering "the house now occupied by the steward, the
dining hall, the kitchen, the garden, and a small lot of ground," and to
accommodate the purchaser on reasonable terms with "furniture,
bedding, cooking apparatus, farming utensils, and all other things
necessary for carrying on an establishment."
They seem not to have been satisfied with Mr. Ryan-it would have
been a miracle had they been-but a month later the committee
reported that Mr. Ryan was the only applicant for the place, and that
he proposed to take the place on terms of charging eight dollars a
month for board, bedding and washing, and fire wood to be cut on the
lands of the Institute; and that he should have the kitchen and dining
room furniture at a reasonable valuation. But probably because the
Trustees insisted that Ryan should give a bond for three thousand
dollars for the faithful performance of his duties, and also because the
Trustees appraised their property at a higher price than Ryan was
willing to pay, he threw up the contract. The Trustees had much
difficulty in arriving at a satisfactory settlement with Ryan; he had
7 Proceedings, pp. 25, 29, June 3, 1837. 8 Ibid., p. 32, November 29,
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