Board and Dress 453
an active and useful life as a minister he died in 1865. He seems to
have made no success as steward, and probably did not continue in
the place many months. Before the close of the year, notice was given
in the Biblical Recorder that at the Examination at the close of the fall
term of 1839, there would be a sale on the premises of the "stock,
kitchen utensils, beds, mattresses, and other articles belonging to the
Institute."12 After Wynne gave up his stewardship, which was only in
name, since it was a private enterprise, the College made no further
effort to provide for the board of students.13
In the provisions for the sale of lots the Trustees ordered at their
meeting on February 4, 1839, that after the close of the present year,
probably meaning the year that closed with the Commencement in
June, no restrictions would be put on students boarding with the
purchasers of lots. 14
Those who bought lots and others seem to have lost no time in
preparing for boarders, and after a year there were no fewer than six
boarding houses at the College at which the students were permitted
to board at discretion.15 This number of boarding houses should have
been well able to minister to the needs of the students who in the
spring of 1840 numbered 65, a number seldom exceeded before 1845-
46. A partial list of names of such keepers of boarding houses for the
period before the War as have been preserved and also their location
is given here: A. S. Wynne, College Dining Hall, 1839; J. L. Terrell,
1840-42; M. D. Freeman, 1843, South Brick Building; W. T. Brooks,
who bought the lot on which he built his residence in 1842. He first is
listed as a keeper of boarders in 1843 and subsequently named until
the Civil War and after; J. B. White, 1844-1853, at his residence in
the Old Jones House to the west of the Campus; S. Wait, probably at
the North Brick House, 1846-48; Mrs. Gaines, 1846;
12 Biblical Recorder, November 30, 1839.
13 The following action of the Trustees, Proceedings, p. 43, February 4, 1839, is
of interest: "Moved that Bro. Wynne shall have $5 per month for boarding, clothing,
and for paying the taxes of the servant. Mr. Wynne agrees to this." "'
14 Proceedings, p. 43.
15 Biblical Recorder, November 30, 1839.
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