454 History of Wake Forest College
William Hooper, 1848, in North Brick House; William Jones, 1849-
50, in residence on lot where residence of Dr. R. M. Squires now
stands (one of the "long houses" removed); F. B. Ryan, 1850, first to
north of Campus; Mrs. Martha Ryan in Purefoy hotel; B. J. Hackney,
1850; J. S. Puref oy, 1853 and after; College Hotel, 1857, and after;
John A. Battle, part of the present residence of Dr. B. F. Sledd; J. M.
Brewer, 1857, residence, now home of Mrs. Pickering, on west side
of Main Street first block north of Campus; J. H. Foote, 1862; W. M.
Wingate, 1861.16
In addition to those named above Robert Hicks also opened a
boarding house about 1852 in his house of lot No. 10, which he had
bought that year from J. S. Purefoy; this house with considerable
improvements is now the parsonage. For many years Mr. Hicks's
house was largely patronized by the students.
Another boarding house was that of Professor W. T. Walters, who
had graduated at the College in 1848, and returning the next year as
tutor became Professor of Mathematics in 1852. His first wife was
Miss Bettie B. Davidson, of Charlotte County, Virginia, daughter of
A. A. Davidson.17 In 1853, after the departure of President White,
Professor Walters purchased his place and farm, and occupied his
house, the old Jones residence, which still stands to the west of the
Campus. The following from the pen of Dr. J. D. Hufham gives a
good picture of their table and of the groups of choice spirits that
gathered around it:
I boarded with Dr. Walters, and the last two years of my stay in College I had a
room in his house. It was a company of fine young men what met around that table:
Marable, [Jack] Mills, Burn, and others. In a long life I have seen nothing better. Dr.
Walters, who always sat with us, was ready for an argument or a joke. Marable and
Mills were ready with the argument and Burn with the witticism or the jest. Over all
presided Mrs. Walters, young and beautiful,
16 The data for the boarding house keepers in this list are derived from the
Minutes of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, but show only the
names of those to whom money was paid for boarding the beneficiaries of the Board
of Education.
17 Biblical Recorder, October 12, 1850.
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