Religion 469
sermons were well wrought out and delivered in an impressive though
unimpassioned manner.1 The evangelical quality of his preaching may
be inferred from the fact that during his pastorate there continued to
be accessions to the church by baptism, especially from the students.
In the year 1839-40 there were two revival periods, one in November,
when eight students were baptized, and another in April, when five
others were added to the church in this way. The number of baptisms,
however, was usually less than the number of conversions. As stories
of these revivals were seldom published in the Biblical Recorder
during these years the account must remain incomplete, but the
following from the report on the College to the Chowan Association
of 1843, is probably typical:
During the year there has also been a gracious outpouring of the Holy Spirit and
many have been made to rejoice in God. Such tokens of the smiles of our Heavenly
Father should encourage every heart. They show that our labors are not in vain in
the lord.
In 1841-42 there were few baptisms; in 1842-43 there were six; in
1844-45 there were five. Taking into consideration the fact that during
these years President Wait was absent from Wake Forest about half
the time, and was often unwell, and that the number of students in
residence was often not more than fifty,2 one may see that the number
of baptisms was large enough to be encouraging.
This little church continued during this period to be made up largely
of students and members of the faculty. In October, 1839, it had
twenty-seven members, of whom only three were females. These
were the Mrs. William Jones, the wife of a graduate of that year, and
the wives of President Wait and Professor White; four
1 S. M. Ingram, Wake Forest Student, XIII, 463: "Mr. Wait (in April, 1838)
preached an eloquent sermon from Job XIX: 25-26. I marked many of his texts in
my Bible, and can refer to them now. I carried my Bible with me through two wars
and have it now. I enjoyed Mr. Wait's sermons very much."
2 Wait in Biblical Recorder, February 3, 1844: "We had last session between
forty and fifty students. The session has just now commenced, but nearly forty have
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