482 History of Wake Forest College
R. B. Jones the church appointed a committee consisting of Dr. Wait,
R. B. Jones, R. R. Savage, A. J. Kelly, and F. A. Belcher with
authority to appoint a superintendent and organize the Sunday School.
Four weeks later this committee reported that the school had already
been established with R. R. Savage superintendent, that their efforts
were meeting with general and hearty cooperation, and that had begun
operation under circumstances truly flattering.21 Mr. Savage is
described by Professor Mills, his roommate from August, 1857 to
June, 1860, as "a gentle, pure-hearted soul-a man of large common
sense, and a devoted Christian."22 He was a fit man to stand first on
the long list of worthy men who have succeeded him in the same
office.23 After his graduation in June, 1860, Mr. Savage was
succeeded as superintendent by Prof. J. H. Foote, who in turn was
succeeded by J. L. Carroll in September, 1861.
The Wake Forest Church was liberal of its means in regular
contributions for the objects of the Baptist State Convention, Missions
and Education, and, in the last years of the period, Colportage. Its
method of collecting funds for these objects was the appointment of a
committee to solicit the members for contributions; this was done
shortly before the time of the meeting of the Convention; the amount
of the contributions governed the number of delegates to the
Convention to which the church was entitled. When the contributions
were large often many students were named as delegates, and
sometimes prominent Baptists who were not members of the Wake
Forest Church. At other times part of the contributions was used to
purchase life memberships for individuals. The price was thirty
dollars. The church, which was constituted on August 30, 1835, sent
up to the Convention of that year the sum of $93. After that the
contributions were
21 Church Record Book, March 26, April 23, 1859.
22 North Carolina Baptist Historical Papers, III, 165 f.
23 There is an excellent appreciation-without date-of Savage in the N. C. Baptist
Almanac for 1893, p. 54, by Dr. R. T. Vann. Savage was born in Virginia; after his
graduation he labored until his death in the Chowan Association, and proved a man
of much ability and influence, being a trusted counsellor in the State Convention
and in the Board of Trustees of the College of which he was a member.
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