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somewhat smaller for several years, but a marked increase is seen in
1846 when the amount sent by the church was $205 with an
additional $15 by the Society of Inquiry, the occasion being the
departure of M. T. Yates and his wife for the work in China. For
several years after this the records of the amount of the contributions
is not clear, since the reports on the Convention minutes are not
explicit and the Church Book is silent, and contributions were made
to the Yates fund through the Raleigh Association, about $80 a year;
in 1853 the Church Book shows contributions of $160. The increasing
prosperity of the College and the evangelical enthusiasm excited by
the ministry of Wingate in the years 1854-62 are reflected by larger
contributions, which in 1858 rose to $500.19, of which $13.44 was
given by the colored members of the African Mission.24 At the
meeting of the Convention in Raleigh, in 1858, the members of the
College faculty and the students manifested their interest in the
endowment of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, then
located at Greenville, South Carolina, by making liberal subscriptions,
fourteen students subscribing $150; and Wingate and Walters, $100
each. At the Convention of 1856 among the large subscribers for the
endowment of the College was Wingate who raised a former
subscription to $1,000, while a number of former students made
subscriptions of $100.
In this period the church served also as a kind of training ground for
the students. As we have said above, they held nearly all the offices of
the church. During the first eighteen years the church had only student
deacons. In the period from 1835 until 1862 the number of deacons
was eighteen, of whom all but four were students; two, Professor J. H.
Foote, and J. M. Brewer,
24 The contributions to the objects of the Convention year by year, so far as they
can be learned from the Church Book and minutes of the Convention are as follows:
1835, $93; 1836, $61.50; 1837, $40; 1838, $30; 1839, $32.50; 1840, $31.87; 1841,
$30.40; 1842, $40.10; 1843, $52; 1844, $30; 1845, $44.00; 1846, $220; 1847, $120;
1848, $64; 1849, $52, included in report of William Jones, Agent, and not
published; 1851, reported for Education, $10; 1852, $13.35; 1853, $41; 1854, $160;
1855, $147.75; 1856, $200; 1847, $276.74, including Wingate, $35, and Brooks,
$10; 1858, $500.19; 1859, $383.91; 1860, $500; 1861, $364; 1862,$247.
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