Religion 485
life. Here they could learn methods of conducting the various
meetings and conferences of the church, both business and devotional,
and were trained in such things as appointing delegates to
Associations and Conventions, taking up collections, looking after
indifferent or negligent members, disciplining the erring, and in
stimulating the spirit of fellowship and cooperation. Often too the
students were present when men were licensed or ordained. On
leaving college they knew the workings of a Baptist church and often
had been trained to work themselves.
Such in this period was the religious life of the College of which the
students were a great part. Let him who doubts the value and place of
conversion in the religious life consider the young men for whom
conversion while students at Wake Forest was the beginning of lives
of Christian service; and if anyone doubts the value of church
discipline such as the students of the College received in the Wake
Forest Church in this period let him follow them through their lives
and see what an indispensable part they have had in bringing the
Baptist denomination in the State to its present position in numbers,
influence and favor because of its sweet and liberal spirit.
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