492 History of Wake Forest College
a social gathering, to see Daniel Webster pass on the train, or to
welcome home Professor Walters with his fair Virginia bride.5
Although before 1869 there was no restriction on the portion of
students either Society might have, usually the balance was fairly well
maintained both as to numbers and quality of members. According to
the General Catalogue, which records the Society membership of
about nine-tenths of the 1,087 matriculates of this period, 512 were
members of the Philomathesian Society and 473 were members of the
Euzelian Society. All along, however, the competition for new
members was keen and often bitter. Of this something has been said
above. At first there was undue haste in initiating any student who had
been won for one Society or the other. To correct this, after a few
years, an agreement was made that none should be initiated until four
weeks after matriculation. It seems that even this was not strictly
abided by. Early in the session of 1851-52 the Philomathesians by
formal resolution, in language that the Euzelians regarded as discour-
teous, charged that the latter had violated the agreement. Although
this charge was admitted by the Euzelians they made the counter
charge that the Philomathesians had made a "violation even more
palpable," without indicating its exact nature; whereupon the
Philomathesians in another set of resolutions indignantly denied the
allegation and called for particulars, at the same time disclaiming any
intended discourtesy.6
The Philomathesian Society came in for much more serious trouble
after Wingate came to the College in 1854, since the Euzelians gained
an extraordinary proportion of the new men, getting nineteen in the
fall term while the Philomathesians got only one, and twenty in the
spring term and the Philomathesians eight. In the beginning of the
next session, the new men were more, but not quite, evenly
distributed. The Philomathesians seeing their sister Society
outstripping them, supposed the cause of it was the greater number of
Euzelians on the faculty; of these there were three, Brooks, Wingate
and Walters; all of whom had
5 Phi. Records, August 1, 1847; October 6, 1850.
6 Phi. Records, September 27, 1851; Eu. Records, September 20, 27, 1851.
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