496 History of Wake Forest College
and though the resolutions were all passed and provisions made for
the publication of a card justifying the action, they were taken up
again at the same meeting and ordered expunged.9
After this the commotion gradually subsided and was wholly
removed when Professor Royall had come, and though elected to
honorary membership in both Societies, after some delay and
probably after counsel had chosen the Philomathesian rather than the
Of active members certain fees were required, both initiation and
term fees. The first was paid only once; it ranged at different periods
from two to ten dollars; the term fees, which were first collected
quarterly in both Societies, ranged from fifty cents to three dollars. To
secure greater secrecy the Euzelians often stated their fees for an
amount lacking one-third or one-fifth of a cent of the amount actually
paid.10 Of ministerial students who were beneficiaries of the Board of
Education no fees were usually required in either Society, "in respect
to the custom of those showing respect to the office of the
Ministry."11 The Euzelians in one instance went further, and paid the
tuition fees of a student, Mr. Lewis H. Shuck, whose father was a
missionary to China. The Philomathesians had profited greatly by
having Matthew T. Yates; to offset this the Euzelians thought they
must have Shuck, if not a missionary yet a son of a missionary, and
on August 2, 1851, passed a resolution that "if Mr. L. H. Shuck shall
become a member of our Society and so continue through College, we
will pay his tuition expenses, if not so long as he is with us.”12 Mr.
Shuck was thus won, and the Euzelians were faithful to keep their
It is interesting to observe that in most instances students who were
active and prominent in the Societies continued such in their life
work. In the Euzelian Society in the early years the leaders were W.
T. Brooks, H. K. Person, and J. L. Prichard; they were
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