Euzelians and Philomathesians 497
succeeded by such men as Archibald McDowell, W. T. Walters and
W. M. Wingate; then followed John Mitchell, A. J. Emerson, C. S.
Ellis, J. D. Hufham, J. H. Mills, F. H. Ivey, L. R. Mills, T. F. Toon,
and R. R. Savage, and J. L. Carroll. Among the Philomathesians the
first leaders were J. C. Dockery, W. W. Childers, J. J. James, and S.
M. Ingram; then came Willie P. Mangum, Thomas C. Dockery, O. H.
Dockery, B. W. Justice, and D. R. Wallace; these were followed by
W. J. Houston, James H. Foote, T. H. Pritchard, W. G. Simmons, W.
T. Faircloth, F. A. Belcher, Lansing Burrows, and W. R. Gwaltney.
Of course these are only a few of those who were both prominent in
their Societies and in after life. The names of others, though not of all,
may be seen in the list of the presidents of the Societies in the
footnote below. At first both Societies elected two presidents a year,
but from the opening of the session of 1847-48, the Euzelians had
four a year. In these years the president was often chosen in each
Society not only from the Senior Class but also from the Junior Class.
The same person might be president a second time, but not for two
terms in succession.13
13 List of Presidents of Philomathesian Society: 1835, C. R. Merriam, J. C.
Dockery; 1836, W. Jones, J. W. Hoskins; 1837, J. J. James, W. W. Childers; 1838,
A. A. Connella, M. T. Waddill; 1839, spring term, O. F. Baxter; 1839-40, James
Murray, J. C. Rogers; 1840-41, J. M. Brewer, James H. Lane; 1841-42, Thos. H.
Williams, James Joyner; 1842-43, S. M. Ingram, James Joyner; 1813-44, W.
Grandy, Wm. L. Crocker; 1844-45, Menalcus Lankford, Thos. C. Dockery; 1845-
46, Jonathan W. Merriam, Willie P. Mangum; 1846-47, W. L. Crocker, Priestly H.
Mangum; 1847-48, R. L. Brewer, Samuel Davis; 1848-49, B. W. Justice, D. R.
Wallace; 1849-50, W. J. Houston, S. O. Tatum; 1850-51, W. A. Ramsay, James H.
Foote; 1851-52, James L. Bond, A. J. Rogers; 1852-53, T. Slade, J. J. Williams;
1853-54, T. H. Pritchard, R. P. Jones; 1854-55, Wm. R. Trawick, B. F. Cole; 1855-
56, M. Baldwin, C. W. Egerton; 1856-57, J. C. Devin, H. D. Fowler; 1857-58, B. F.
Hester, T. J. Pitchford; 1858-59, J. C. H. Jones, T. D. Boone; 1859-60, W. A.
Whitted, A. W. Poindexter; 1860-61, F. A. Belcher, C. S. Wooten; 1861-62, Wm.
Brunt, H. Lansing Burrows.
The Euzelian Presidents were: 1835, Hiram K. Person, Elisha Burns; 1836, R. B.
Seawell, R. M. Noxon; 1837, J. H. Brooks, J. L. Prichard; 1838, W. T. Brooks, J. H.
Brooks; 1839, spring term, W. T. Brooks; 1839-40, J. L. Prichard, W. J. Gatling;
1840-41, Joseph McClees, B. M. Baxter; 1841-42. Wm. A. J. Boone, Wm. J.
Holley; 1842-43, Wm. Foy, Daniel DuPre; 1843-44, A. McDowell, W. C. Hunter;
1844-45, G. W. Collins, P. T. Henry; 1845-46, F. C. Bryan, G. W. Collins; 1846-47,
F. C. Bryan, A. McDowell; 1847-48, Wm. T. Walters, F. C. Bryan, W. E. Poole, W.
M. Wingate; 1848-49, R. C. Meachum, J. T.
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