498 History of Wake Forest College
Some account of the officers has already been given, but a fuller
statement may be made here. The elective officers at first were
President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Censor,
Librarian, Senior Critic, Junior Critic, and a General Committee
which was soon left off. In October, 1836, the Philomathesians
changed the name of Censor to Supervisor, and added an Assistant
Treasurer to look after the correspondence. About the same time the
Euzelians added an officer with similar duties whom they called first
Register and later Transcribing Secretary on adding to his work the
duty of transcribing the minutes to permanent record books. Before
many years each Society found it necessary to have a Corresponding
Secretary. A Chaplain and a Vice Chaplain were provided by the
Philomathesian Society in September, 1838, and by the Euzelians in
February, 1841. From the first, however, the Euzelians opened their
sessions with prayer by some one called upon by the president, and
after a few months the Philomathesians did the same.
In the beginning the Societies met fortnightly, on alternate Saturday
evenings. In October, 1836, with the consent of the faculty, they
began to hold their meetings on Wednesday evenings.14 After this
both Societies had weekly meetings at the same hour, except that the
Philomathesians voted that the bell for their assembling must be rung
five minutes after the Euzelians' bell ceased to toll, not so much to
manifest their independence as to
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14 Eu. Records, October 14, 1837; under the same date a minute of the Phi.
Records shows that the Committee beg leave to report, that jointly with the
Committee of the Euzelian Society they have "waited upon Mr. Wait and have
obtained his assent to whatever day the Societies deem proper."
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