Euzelians and Philomathesians 499
avoid the confusion of having members of both Societies crowding at
the same time the narrow passage which formed the only approach to
the doors of their halls. They continued this arrangement until June 8,
1839, when with the permission of the faculty the Societies changed
the meetings to Saturday morning, having each the one meeting a
week in which they had their debates and other literary work and
attended to all their business. After ten years, at the beginning of the
fall session of 1849-50, however, they again manifested a desire for a
change of time, their choice falling on Friday evening. Appointing the
usual committees to wait on the faculty they were informed that while
those guardians of the students' welfare were willing for the young
men to meet on Friday night, they could not consent to their being
idle all the day Saturday, and would grant their request only on
condition that the Societies provide some proper Exercises to engage
their members on Saturday mornings, and not waste that time in
amusement.15 The Societies agreed to the suggestions and began the
arrangement, which held for sixty-five years, of having two meetings
a week, the Euzelians holding their first meeting under this plan on
Friday night, October 12, 1849, and the following Saturday morning,
and their sister Society beginning November 9-10. On Friday night
new members were elected and the debate held; on Saturday morning
came declamations, dissertations and the general business of the
The Constitutions of the Societies provided that all persons of
distinction were eligible for election as honorary members, and a
reading of the minutes of the Societies would suggest that about all
who were eligible were elected. Hardly a year passed that each
Society did not elect a score or more, and before the end of the period
each Society had on its roll several hundred whom it has thus
honored. Among them were notable educators such as Francis
Wayland, James P. Boyce, Charles F. Phillips, Basil Manly; divines
such as W. T. Brantley, James B. Taylor, James C. Furman, R. C. B.
Powell; lawyers such as W. B. Rodman, E. G.
15 Eu. - Records, November 6, 1849; Phi. Records, July 28, and October 7, 1849.
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