Society Halls 507
twelve to twenty-five dollars, and for the windows for eighty dollars.9
Setting great store on having their rostrums and windows and halls
in general present a fine appearance, the young men of the Societies
sought and secured the assistance of the ladies, both married and
unmarried of the Hill, as the community was then called, in trimming
them. In May, 1837, the Euzelians were assisted by Miss Sarah Hall,
whose mother had moved to Wake Forest in order to educate her son.
In June, 1838, Mrs. J. B. White assisted them in making their curtains.
In April, 1851, they thanked Mrs. Purefoy, probably Mrs. J. S.
Purefoy, Miss Ligon and Miss Owen, for their services. The
Philomathesians were as ready to avail themselves of the services of,
the ladies. In April, 1850, the ladies were so good as to bind a new
carpet for them; in May, 1849, on invitation they covered the tables
on the rostrum with fringe; after they had set up their last rostrum,
having appealed to the ladies to help them with the trimmings, they
did the unheard of thing of providing their fair assistants with a box of
confections costing $1.10 to eat while they worked, and voted their
thanks besides, especially to Mrs. Purefoy for wool.10 On many other
occasions the young ladies ministered unasked to the deficiencies and
necessities of the young men of both Societies. But for these ladies
the halls would doubtless have presented a much less fine appearance
on public occasions, a great concern of the young men. The ladies
were all the time ready with suggestions and sometimes with little
gifts, the Misses Owen on more than one occasion presenting both
Societies with books, while in April, 1852, Miss Sallie Montague
gave the Euzelians "two beautiful mats for lamps," for which the
young men expressed gracious thanks. The Philomathesians received
a like present in April, 1855, from Misses Amanda and Anna
9 Eu. Records, June 2, 1849; April 25, 1850; Phi. Records, August 12, 1837;
April 28, 1855.
10 Phi. Records, April 28, 1855; June 2, 1855.
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