Society Halls 511
The Euzelians, except for the mishap already noted, were more
successful in getting their lamps attended to. Realizing from the
beginning the seriousness and importance of the work, and thinking it
too great for any one man, they periodically appointed two men
whose duty it was to attend to the lamp. That the work might be
cheerfully done they gave the servants of the lamp immunity during
the term of their service from other functions, such as sweeping the
floor of the hall, which came around in regular succession with the
regularity of clock-work. Later when the office of sexton was created
the Euzelians entrusted the keeping of the lamp to him, doing this
with the greater assurance since the sexton was also one of
themselves, a loyal Euzelian.
There was nothing that appertained to the comfort and appearance
of their Halls to which the Societies gave more attention or took more
pride in than carpets. There is some evidence that they had cheap
carpets from the first, but little is said about them. An account will
here be given only of the more costly carpets which were procured
after a few years.
In May, 1838, the Philomathesian started a movement to purchase a
carpet to cost $350. No more was heard of this for nearly two years
when action was again taken, which resulted in the purchase of a
carpet, in October of that year, costing $327.50. Even before it had
been laid measures had been taken for the care of it, the roll of
members divided into four sections to which in alternations were
assigned week by week the care of the carpet. Before the
Commencement of next year, one of the sections was ordered to take
up the carpet, brush it and relay it preparatory to the occasion. At the
beginning of the next term, August 8, 1841, the carpet was ordered to
be taken up and rolled up. In 1850 it was bound by the ladies of the
Hill. In September, 1851 the Society was thinking of buying a new
carpet, but it was not bought and laid until just before the
Commencement of 1854. The new carpeting cost $174.50, and the
making $6.55. The Committee of ten who had charge of the relaying
of the carpet in October of that year, laid it with straw, which was
presented by
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