512 History of Wake Forest College
Professor W. T. Brooks, while the tacks were the present of B. F.
Simmons, then a student. To protect this carpet the Society procured
fifty-six yards of coarser carpeting which they laid on the more
exposed parts, at the door and rostrum and about the chairs.
The Euzelians having started a subscription to get a new carpet in
1840 for some reason abandoned their purpose, and did not renew it
until the spring of 1845. Again, a subscription was started and was
meeting with some success when the matter was postponed, since, as
has been said above, they feared that the Trustees would not repair the
leaks in the roof. After, however, the Trustees had taken measures for
the repair of the roof at the Commencement of that year, the Society
early in the next session, appointed a committee to purchase a carpet,
limiting them to carpeting that should cost no more than $1.25 a yard.
With the assistance of Professor J. B. White they bought this from a
Boston house, 108½ yards, at a cost of ninety-two cents a yard. The
ladies of the Hill made it and it was put down before the end of the
year. This carpet whether because of its poor quality or for some other
reason did not long satisfy the Society. Early in 1850 the Society sold
it to two ladies of the Hill, Mrs. Battle and Mrs. Ridley, for forty
dollars, and bought a new carpet, which the ladies of the Hill again
had the kindness to make. For the protection of this carpet a rug was
laid near the door, which made it necessary to cut the door, and later
to lay a carpet strip. It is not on record how much this carpet cost. The
Society taking the lead from the Philomathesians began to use straw
in October, 1852, and oil cloth as a protection for the carpet, in 1854.
The life of this carpet, however, was not very long. In April, 1858, a
committee of the Society having reported that they thought it "very
desirable and expedient that the purchase be made," the Society
bought a new carpet. How much this cost is not quite clear, but it was
about three hundred dollars, of which $207 was provided by
subscriptions from thirty-
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