Society Halls 515
the young ladies that they were "authorized to make any alterations
they may see fit." Probably, however, the kind young artists made
both the new banners exact replicas of the old.18 Both were artistically
executed. That of the Euzelians was lost with the burning of Wingate
Memorial Hall, February, 1934; that of the other Society, much worn
is to be found in the Society store room. It deserved all the praise of
the Philomathesian resolution of thanks, in June, 1857, as "very
elegant, tasteful and costly."
Several other articles of furniture, which need not be named here,
were common to both halls, but the Euzelians alone had a clock,
purchased early in 1857 on the suggestion of Mr. C. S. Ellis of
Wilmington, who acting for the Society paid nine dollars for it. Later
it was replaced by the present more costly timepiece, now silent. The
Philomathesians seem to have been first to purchase a screen, in June,
1856. After the War they matched the clock of the Euzelians with a
large and costly mirror, which still graces their hall.
Both Societies also had center tables. The Philomathesians made a
subscription amounting to more than forty dollars for purchasing
theirs in October, 1845. This table had a marble top and until a few
years ago stood in the hall, but has now been sent to the closet. The
Euzelians purchased their table several years later, in January, 1850,
but they made much greater use of it than their sister Society made of
theirs. In the center of it they laid one of the heavy quarto Bibles so
much prized in those days for which they paid $15, and around the
Bible placed books which they thought the best examples of book-
making. Later they added albums containing the portraits of their
members who were alumni of the College. All now have been
removed, but several volumes of the albums may yet be found in the
College Library.19
Week by week each Society appointed two of its members to keep
its hall in order. The Euzelian records were free from all
18 See Pritchard's statement, Wake Forest Student, I, 60 ff.
19 Phi. Records, October 4, 11, 1845; Eu. Records, Jan. 26, 1856.
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