524 History of Wake Forest College
Brooks. At the next meeting, a fortnight later, the Society voted to
take immediate measures towards raising money for the purchase of
books, and went about the matter with much earnestness and collected
in a few months about eighty dollars. Principal Wait showed an
interest in their purpose that was highly pleasing to the Society, which
appointed a committee to express their thanks.9
Like her sister the Euzelian Society asked Professor Armstrong to
purchase the books. These came on August 22, along with many
others, some for the other Society, and some for the College library,
eight hundred dollars worth in all. The coming of books was a great
event in the institution of those days; great crowds gathered round the
box, even before it was opened, and when the lid was off and the
bautiful new volumes laid out, they could not restrain their
expressions of admiration, while those nearest would not make way
for those in the rear, some of whom had to wait another day before
getting to see and handle the volumes. Those for the Euzelian Society
were "very elegant, some first rate works," if we may believe W. T.
Brooks, from whose diary the above account is taken. An inspection
of the library catalogue10 shows that the same books in most instances
were purchased for the Euzelians as for the Philomathesians.
It would be interesting to follow the pages of the records year by
year and read the efforts of the young men of the Societies to get such
books as they needed. Needing so much money for carpets, and
rostrums and chairs and curtains and table covers and ribbands and
fringe and repairs, it might be asked where they could find money to
purchase books also. They usually got it by subscription. A
subscription for books never failed to get a substantial sum, and if it
fell short of the amount desired the Societies did not hesitate to
borrow money for the purchase.11
9 Eu. Records, April 23, 1836.
10 This is a manuscript catalogue made about 1852-60 and listing 3,667 volumes.
11 Phi. Records, April 17, 1847; Eu. Records,
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