Libraries 525
Subscriptions for two hundred or three hundred dollars were common,
and at times they reached from five hundred to seven hundred.12
Much care was exercised in the selection of books. Some weeks
before the purchase was to be made, a book committee would be
appointed, whose duty it was to make recommendations for purchases
to cost no more than a stipulated amount. This committee would get
advice from all possible sources, and especially from members of the
faculty. In the spring of 1847 the Philomathesian Society having $150
to spend asked Dr. William Hooper, then president of the College, to
make the selection for them. After some weeks the committee
reported the following list, which is given in full both because it is to
some extent an indication of the literary interests of Dr. Hooper and
because it furnishes a fair sample of the books which made up the
libraries. They were: Lord Brougham's Pleasures of Science; Elegant
Extracts, in three or four octavo volumes, Letters, Verse, Epistles;
Coleridge's Table Talk, Aids to Reflection, Letters and Conversation;
British Eloquence, 2 volumes; Works of the Author [Taylor] of
Natural History of Enthusiasm; Modern British Essayists; Macaulay,
Mackintosh, Brougham, Sidney Smith, Carlyle, the uniform 21 mo.
edition in large print; Pope's Homer, 8 vo; Mumford's translation of
the Iliad; Dryden's Vergil, 8 vo.; if to be had send a large 8 vo.
containing Pope's Homer, Dryden and Pitt's Vergil, and various
translations of ancient poems; Dante, translated by Cary; Tasso's
Jerusalem Delivered, translated by Hunt; Thirwall's History of
Greece; Dr. Quincey, Confessions of an Opium Eater; Works of
Maria Edgeworth, large 12 mo.; Penny Magazine, from the
beginning; Whately's Essays and King of Christ; Foster's Life and
Correspondence; Brown's Character of Statesmen, etc.; Bunyan's
Pilgrim Progress, splendid illustrated edition; Middleton's Life of
Cicero; Leland's Demosthenes; Francis's Horace;
12 Eu. Records, July 30, 1853; October 3, 1855; Phi. Records, August 7, 1852;
March 21, 1856; May 28,
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