526 History of Wake Forest College
Schlegel's Lectures on Drama and Literature; Shakespeare, il-
lustrated, Harper's edition.13
So long as Armstrong was at Wake Forest he purchased books for
the Societies; after his departure they got them the best way they
could, sometimes entrusting their list and money to Mr. J. S. Purefoy
as he was "going North to buy goods." Purchases were also made of
Turner in Raleigh but the larger orders were sent to Gould & Lincoln
in Boston, recommended by Professor J. B. White, who also made the
purchases.14 The Societies manifested their appreciation of this
service by making presents of books and bookcases no longer needed
to Professor White.
The stock of books which the Societies secured with their own
means was considerably supplemented by volumes given by friends.
In the beginning as noted above, every member of the Societies was
instructed to consider himself an agent to solicit during vacation
periods the gifts of books. It seems that these young men were wise in
their solicitations, for not only were many volumes procured in this
way, but most of them were readable and are now of much
antiquarian value and among the treasures of the Library; very few
were dull theological treatises. The members of the faculty generally
took much interest in helping the young men with their libraries; the
interest of Armstrong, Wait, White and Hooper has already been
mentioned. Worthy to be mentioned along with these was the Owen
family, Professor W. H. Owen and his sisters, whose encouraging
assistance was often manifested. Professor Owen made gifts to both
Societies ; on January 14, 1844, Miss Mary Owen, later Mrs.
Archibald McDowell, presented the Euzelians with a set of Sir Walter
Scott's Works; at the same time Misses Sarah and Lucy Owen
presented to the Philomathesians, the one Rollins Ancient History, the
other a volume of stories called Winter Tales.
From the first, members of the Societies were constantly presenting
to the Libraries books of their own choice. Sometimes
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