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these gifts were almost munificent. In the early days Mr. G. A.
Stephenson, Euzelian, of New Bern, made several valuable donations;
in November 22, 1856, C. S. Ellis, a loyal Euzelian of a wealthy
Wilmington family, presented his Society with a fine set of Dickens'
Works, one of his many manifestations of interest in the Society
library. Another fine gift was a five-volume set of Shakespeare's
Dramatic Works, by certain members of the Society and residents of
Wake Forest.15 Other gifts were by members of Congress not only of
documents but also of such works as Annals of Congress, the
Congressional Globe, Debates in Congress, and Smithsonian Reports
year by year. For these the young men, at first at least, were as duly
grateful as for donations that cost their givers actual cash. Mention
has already been made of the deposit of the College Library with the
two Societies; for the portion received by them the Euzelians ordered
a separate book case made.
A further word about the number and character of the books needs
to be said. The catalogue of the Euzelian Society ordered made in
August, 1857, shows 3,400 volumes, in addition to 338 volumes lost
and advertised for in the Biblical Recorder.16 In the Philomathesian
Society a committee appointed to count the books reported on
February 2, 1854, that they had found 1,831 volumes and 150
miscellaneous pamphlets ; on August 23, 1855, the number was
2,312; before the close of the period it was doubtless as much as
3,000, but no exact figures have been found.17
Both Societies very soon saw the importance of periodicals. In 1841
the Philomathesian Society bought twelve back numbers of the North
American Rerriew from the College Reading Room,
15 The full list of donors, which is inscribed on a fly leaf of each of the two
surviving volumes of the set, is as follows: Mrs. R. B. Walters, and Messrs. E. F.
Beachum, A. J. Emerson, C. S. Ellis, N. Clark, Esq., L. H. Shuck, J. W. Trotman, J.
W, White, Esq., R. H. Burn, A. F. Purify, F. M. Purify, J. D. Hufman, W. T.
Walters, E. Manning, D. P. Kirkland, Esq., S. J. C. Dunlap, Esq., W. H. Dunlap, &
B. F. Marable, Esq. September 10, 1853.
16Eu. Records, May 17, 1856; note in front of MS, Catalogue.
17 Additions of several hundred volumes often were made, e.g., on May, 1859,
264 volumes.
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