530 History of Wake Forest College
during the entire period. The Philomathesians made their first
regulations in September, 1835, the Euzelians in May of the next
year. In general, no student was allowed to use a library book for a
textbook; books were not to be taken from the Hill under a penalty of
one dollar; no book was to be borrowed without the permission of the
librarian; a student borrowing the librarian's key must return within an
hour; a book returned must be placed in the hands of the librarian and
not on the shelves; at first no student might borrow more than one
book at a time, but this was soon changed to two, while those who
were elected to make orations or read essays on special occasions
were allowed a greater number. All books borrowed must be kept
covered with paper until returned, a rule strictly enforced in the
Euzelian Society, but not in the Philomathesian.
Both Societies had regular library hours. The Philomathesians first
ordered that the library should be open on Saturdays from twelve
o'clock noon to three in the afternoon; before the end of the period,
but it is not clear when, the hours were changed, the librarian being
required to keep the library open from one o'clock to two on
Wednesday afternoons and from one to three on Saturday
afternoons.18 Books might be kept no more than five weeks.
The Euzelians for some years had the library open for lending and
receiving books only on the first Saturday in every month. Afterwards
when the Society began to hold its meetings on Wednesday, books
were lent on that evening after the adjournment of the Society, the
time for return being the first Wednesday in every month. With the
beginning of the session of 1847-48 the library was open twice a
week, on Wednesday and Saturday, from 12:30 to 1:30 in the
It is evident that in both Societies the librarian was at liberty to lend
a book at any time, or to allow a member to use his key to consult a
book in the library. Both Societies also freely lent books to members
of the faculty and those of their families, and to any former Society
member living in the vicinity. Other people
18 Phi. Records, November 13, 1836; January 29, 1853; May 12, 1860.
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