Libraries 533
to register them. The ledger catalogue of the library of this Society
now found in the College Library was probably purchased at this
time, and the registering begun, though it was not completed. In the
fall of 1860 the Society found it necessary to appoint another
committee for the same purpose, which worked for several months
and probably catalogued all the books then in the library, some 3,000
volumes.21 In this catalogue the books are arranged by titles, roughly
in alphabetical order, number of bookcase and self. At the end of each
letter several pages were left blank for names of volumes to be added
later. No date of publication is given; the catalogue shows a few
books added after the War.
The Euzelians, in January, 1852, ordered that a catalogue of their
books should be made; in marking a book the accession number, the
title, the author, and shelf number were to be recorded in the order
named. In May of the same year, the Society ordered that the
catalogue of their books should be published, after the pattern of that
of the Dialectic Society of the University of North Carolina.22 This
catalogue was printed and for it the Society paid twenty dollars;
unfortunately no copy of it is found in the College Library. The
manuscript catalogue was made in a small account book which
became full in 1857, with 3,400 entries; it was continued in a longer
and larger book in which on October 24, 1860, a committee consisting
of G. R. French, J. H. Dunn and E. S. Moore, drew off from some
temporary records the list of books received since the filling of the
first book, adding titles to make the total of about 3,500 by May 1,
1862. Additions were made until 1869 when the number had reached
21 Phi. Records, September 14, 1860; November 19, 1860.
22 Eu. Records, January 1, 1852; May 8, 1852.
23 The handwriting is uniform until the number 3,544 is
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