Literary Work 545
some of the stronger sex were having some difficulty with such
reception at Wake Forest College. Does the higher education of
women unfit her for domestic duties? Should females study for a
profession? Such questions were nearly always decided in a way
complimentary to women, for the young men of that day were
magnanimous.25 They even considered the possibility of co-education,
"mixed schools," in the language of the day, which "after a lively
debate," the Euzelians in November, 1859, decided were desirable.
On several occasions the same Society debated the question whether
Oxford Female College should be removed to Wake Forest, and
usually decided it in the negative.26
The Societies discussed also many other phases of college edu-
cation: Could the curriculum be amended to advantage? Should we
patronize our own college? Is Wake Forest on the retrograde? (this is
the dark days of 1842-43) ; Will Wake Forest College in the course of
a quarter of a century (from 1856) be one of the great literary
institutions of the country?27 They also debated the question, whether
a better education could be obtained in college or with tutors at
home.28 With reference to their own work they tried to determine in
debate whether a college student should take an interest in politics,
whether he should make an early choice of a profession, and study in
college with reference to it; whether he should read novels, whether
he should have optional attendance on public worship, whether more
attention should be paid to language or science; whether distinctions
should be given on graduation.29 On September 10, 1842, the
Euzelian Society debated the query, "Are the advantages to be derived
from the Euzelian Society superior to those accruing from the
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