Public Exercises 573
No spirit can be more fatal, either to the acquisition of truth or to true greatness of
character than this.
Rev. William Hill Jordan made the address at the Commencement
of 1847.10 His subject was the reciprocal influence of Education and
Religion, which he developed in a very lucid and pleasing manner.
Applying his conclusion that both education and religion are
necessary for the highest interest of man and society, he paid as
eloquent tribute to our country and the Constitution as was ever
spoken by any orator.
Place here, however, must be given to Jordan's tributes to certain
men who had helped in the establishment of Wake Forest. These were
Turner Carter, like Jordan a member of the Cashie Church, a brilliant
young minister of Bertie County, who died in 1835, at the early age of
32, and who according to Meredith had few equals in this State, or
indeed in any other. Another was Stephen Graham, a native of
Murfreesboro, who became a physician and practiced his profession
in Duplin County. He died in October, 1834, in his forty-eighth year,
much lamented. Another was John Armstrong, and the other,
unnamed, was Samuel Wait. In a kind of appendix to his speech
Jordan spoke of them in these words
The hands which assisted us in laying the foundation and rearing the
walls of this Institution are, many of them, mouldering in the cold grave. Among
these names, hallowed to our feeling by all the tender and solemn associations
with which the tomb invests their memory, who that ever knew him will forget the
name of Carter?
Oh, Carter, my friend ! my brother ! I shall be pardoned if I pause for a moment
to drop a tear over thy early grave. Who that knew thee did not love thee ! Let fond
memory dwell upon the image of thy modest worth, the fidelity of thy friendship,
the sweetness of thy temper, the unsullied purity of thy character, united with
excellent understanding, all consecrated to virtue, to benevolence, to truth. When I
think of what it was permitted thee in the brief moment of
A sketch of Jordan has already been given above in connection with his agency
for the
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