Public Exercises 583
as stars of the first magnitude." Possibly remarks such as these went a
long way to excuse a little severity in a man who afterwards as a
representative of a defeated State was angrily to roar out protest
against humiliating North Carolina and shake his index finger in the
face of a President of the United States.... 16 It should be mentioned
further that the Supreme Court of the State adjourned and its members
came in a body to hear Mr. Moore's speech.17
Dr. William Hooper, a former president of the College, and at the
time president of Chowan Female Institute, was the speaker before the
Societies at the Commencement of 1857. His subject was "The
Sacredness of Human Life and American Indifference to its
Destruction," which he discusses under four heads: (1) Bloodshed on
the Public Highways (railways), (2) Blood of Sudden Rencounters,
(3) Blood of the Duel, (4) Blood of the Bar and Jury. Though
admitting the excellence of certain features of the address, "at one
time keen in irony, at another burning in satire," on the whole the
editor of the Biblical Recorder seemed as much displeased with it as
he had been pleased with the address in which the speaker of the
previous year attacked the founders of the College, and especially did
not approve what Hooper said about lawyers, and expected it to be
answered.18 In this the editor was not disappointed; soon after the
publication of the address, there appeared a pamphlet entitled "A
Vindication" by a writer using the pen name of "Advocate," but
understood to be E. G. Reade, the same who was the Commencement
speaker at the College in 1851. The members of the bar of the State,
some of whom doubtless made suggestions in its prepa-
originating in the love of truth. As Baptists we claim as much. We have never
feared to trust our cause to the dispassionate judgment of the enlightened masses,
nor desired to 'sectarianize learning with the dogmas of creeds and invest education
in the gown of the priest, rather than robe it in the free habiliment of literature.' Such
a fear of such a desire would be contrary to the very nature of the liberal truths we
16Biographical History of North Carolina, loc. cit.
17Biblical Recorder, June 26, 1856.
18 Biblical Recorder, June 18, 1857.
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