Public Exercises 593
blue being the Euzelian color, and first white and then red the color of
the Philomathesians. On these occasions all members of the Societies
wore badges of ribbon on the coats, blue or white (later red) according
to the Society of the wearer.
Several weeks before Commencement each Society appointed a
Committee of Arrangements whose duty it was to provide for the
proper reception of the invited speaker and to determine on the proper
order of the procession with which the president was conducted from
his residence to the Chapel and the invited speaker was received at the
Chapel door. At times this courtesy was extended also to the
graduating class. Though these processions varied somewhat from
year to year their general character may be seen from the following
report on the order for the procession at the Commencement of 1846.
At the ringing of the bell the students will assemble at President White's,25 when
the Marshals will form them into two lines according to their heights-the tallest in
front-with the President, Faculty, Trustees and others falling in after them, thence
down Elm Street they will march in front of Professor Brooks's-thence up Mulberry
Street to Broadway, and along Broadway in front of the Main Building turning at
right angles they will march to the Chapel door. The ranks then will wheel right and
left and counter march, lifting their hats from their heads as they pass the Trustees,
Faculty, etc., until they pass the rear of the procession. They will then fall in
immediately after the procession and thus march into the Chapel.
After the close of the morning service the Students will assemble in their own
halls, forming as before, the members of each Society separately, with the tallest in
front, and march in single file, the Euzelians out of the North end and the
Philomathesians out of the South end of the building, then following the marshals
the ranks will pass one another in the rear of the building and proceed around to the
Chapel door where they will turn right and left and march as before until those in
the rear arrive at the door. They shall then halt, and stand facing each other until the
Speaker shall enter the files; those
25President White's residence was that to the west of the Campus, the Calvin
Jones house moved. The route of the procession was northward to the corner of the
present Campus, thence eastward to Main Street, thence southward along the street
which ran straight through the Campus to a path leading to the College Building. At
that time the Campus was not enclosed.
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