596 History of Wake Forest College
ties31 easily agreed and were instructed to ask the consent of the
faculty, which was unanimously given. By joint resolution it was
provided that at the first meeting in December of each year each
Society should elect a speaker who should deliver an oration at seven
o'clock on the evening of the ensuing February 14; the arrangements
should be in charge of a committee of two from each Society. As their
first representative for this occasion the Euzelians chose B. F.
Marable, the Philomathesians Thomas H. Pritchard. Following the
recommendations of the committee on arrangements the members of
each Society assembled in their hall fifteen minutes before seven
o'clock on the evening of the celebration; the Euzelians marched out
of the building by the north end door, the Philomathesians by that on
the south end, and hence to the chapel door where the files uniting
marched abreast into the chapel, where with much pride and decorum
they listened to the speeches of their chosen orators. Probably from
the first an informal reception followed the orations; before many
years the social feature became one of the most valuable and prized
parts of the celebration.32
Thus was begun the celebration of the Anniversary of the formation
of the Literary Societies, which with some modifications has
continued to this day. In 1872 a debate in the afternoon was added.
Soon after the beginning of the celebration it was found more
convenient to have it on the Friday nearest the 14th of the month; in
1925, for the first time, the celebration of the Anniversary of the
Societies was held on the first Monday in February in order to
coincide with the anniversary of the opening of the College, which
was the more convenient since by a change of the college calendar the
second semester begins at the same time.
The committee of the Euzelian Society consisted of J. H. Mills, R. H. Burn,
and L. H. Shuck; that of the Philomathesian of W. T. Faircloth, T. H. Pritchard
and M. Baldwin.
Records of Phi. Society, and of Eu. Society for November and December 1853;
T. H. Pritchard in Wake Forest Student, I, makes a mistake in placing the first
celebration in 1853; O. H. Dockery, "Anniversary-Its History," Ibid., XI, 192 ff.
Bulletin of Wake Forest College, Catalogue Number, 1914-15; Wake Forest
Student, XXXIV, 214 f., December, 1914.
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