Public Exercises 597
Society Day was first celebrated on October 13, 1911, and is now an
annual event falling in October or November.33
For the nine years 1854-62 the Anniversary orators of the Euzelians
were in order, B. F. Marable, R. H. Burn, L. W. Shuck, C. S. Ellis, W.
J. Bishop, A. E. Rhodes, Fitz Hugh Ivey, Thomas Deans, J. K.
Howell; those of the Philomathesian Society were T. H. Pritchard, C.
W. Edgerton, H. D. Fowler, J. K. Lassiter, John A. Berry, T. D.
Boone, J. W. Biddle, J. B. Richardson, Lansing Burrows. All were
able men and played a prominent part in life; one H. D. Fowler, still
(1935) survives in his California home.
33 Wake Forest Student, XXXI, 157.
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