602 History of Wake Forest College
They are as follows:
As we wish to be distinctly understood on the subject of Education, we agree to
the following rules, of admission: The young preacher shall appear before the Board
of the Convention, at a regular meeting, where he shall present a certificate of his
regular standing and correct deportment in a Regular Baptist Church in this State;
and also a written license from his church to preach. The Board shall then proceed
faithfully, to examine the brother, touching 1st, his Christian experience; 2ndly, his
call to preach; 3dly, his views of doctrine; and if found corresponding with the Holy
Word, they shall pass an order for his education, as their best judgment shall direct.3
At the next meeting of the Convention, in August, 1832, the Board
reported that during the year they had aided two young men, William
Jones and Patrick Conely (spelled also Connelly), Jones for twelve
months and Conely for six. The Board had not, however, taken
advantage of Armstrong's generous offer, but had sent these young
men to the school of Mr. George W. Thompson in Wake County, who
"had generously offered to instruct gratuitously the beneficiaries of
the Board." Under Mr. Thompson they had made satisfactory
progress. The Treasurer's report for the year indicates that other
expenses had been incurred in the education of these two young men ;
Elder Thomas Crocker had been paid $30 and Elder William Hooper
$30.25 on account of Conely, and Elder William Hinton $51.68 for
Jones. Seemingly this was for services before the young men were put
under the care of Mr. Thompson, or possibly it was for money
advanced to pay their board.4
Immediately after the close of the Convention of 1832 the Board
had a meeting and examined Jones and Conely "respecting the
proficiency they had made in their studies," and continued them under
the instruction of Mr. Thompson, but "to be subject to the advice and
general supervision of brother John Purify." At the
3 Minutes of Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, 1831, p. 6.
4 Rev. Haynes Lennon in sketch in the Biblical Recorder, Mar., 29, 1876, says
that Dr. Hooper invited Connelly to Chapel Hill, made him a member of his family
for a year or more, "Where he could in a most retiring manner prosecute his
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