Ministerial-Board of Education 605
vention were in a hearty accord, as they were in the oft repeated
statement of the Board of Managers that, "The Board regard this
[ministerial education] at the present time as the most important
department of our denominational enterprise."9
Of the 1087 matriculates in the Institute and the College before the
suspension in 1862 the whole number of ministerial students and of
those who later became ministers was approximately one hundred.10
Of these thirty-six came under the patronage of the Board of
Managers of the Baptist State Convention and are classed as
beneficiaries.11 Only seventeen of these were registered in the first
twenty years of the institution, or less than one a year. Some of them
remained in college only a short time, while only four graduated
before 1856. In the first twenty years, with the average period of
residence short, often only one or two were usually in college under
the patronage of the Board, and the largest number in any year was
four, except for the year 1850 when the number was seven. In the
years 1854 to 1862, nineteen others came under the patronage of the
Board, and from 1855 till the close of the period the average number
of beneficiaries in residence was about eight. The total number of
graduates from among them before the College
9 Minutes of 1855, p. 23.
10 In the General Catalogue of Wake Forest College, prepared by President C. E.
Taylor, the number classed as ministers in the notations under the individual names
is only 94, but this does not include E. H. Johnson, H. Woodward, and W. H.
Edwards, and some others who are mentioned as beneficiaries in the records of the
Board of Managers. Under a total of 182 names, one sixth of the whole number, the
General Catalogue shows no entry. Of these 74 were in attendance before 1840, 62
in the next ten years, and 46 from 1850 to 1862. Not improbably several of them
were ministerial students, though not beneficiaries.
11 The list in order of acceptance by the Board is as follows: Before the opening
of the Institute, Wm. Jones, P. C. Connelly, Benjamin Brown; 1834, William H.
Brown; 1835, R. F. H. Johnson; 1836, Thos. McDaniel; 1839, H. Woodward; 1840,
M. T. Yates, J. H. Honeycutt; 1844, S. G. O'Bryan; 1845, J. B. Jackson, G. M. D.
Finch, A. B. Alderman; 1846, J. C. Averett; 1848, W. Hobgood; 1849, R. B. Jones;
1850, M. Baldwin, E. J. Beacham, B. J. Hackney; 1851, B. F. Cole; 1853, Wm. B.
Jones; 1854, J. C. Shannon, F. H. Ivey; 1855, A. J. Stradley, A. J. Kelly, R. R.
Moore, E. A. Poe, L. Ashton, F. A. Belcher, G. S. Jones; 1856, M. G. Todd, J. T.
Albritton; 1857, D. N. Gore, P. N. Snider; 1859, W. C. Nowell, E. B. Salmon; 1860,
W. R. Gwaltney, J. H. Yarborough, J. B. Boone.
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