Ministerial-Board of Education 607
adapted to their circumstances, we have not a person under our patronage, nor a cent
in our treasury.12
After 1838, however, for several years the Treasurer's report
showed a favorable balance for Education: $386.08 in 1839, and
about such balances until 1842 when there was a debt of $54.58; in
1843 the Treasurer reported that "The Education department is in debt
for tuition for 1843 and part of 1842." A few years before there had
been some complaint that the interest in education was such that the
people contributed to it rather than to missions; possibly this had
brought some reaction, but in fact, the contributions to all the objects
had fallen off greatly in the early forties, the total being $636.97 in
1842 against $1,399.08 for 1832, when the Convention was in its
third year. With only one beneficiary in 1844, all debts had been paid
and Education had a balance of $95.18. By the time of the Convention
of 1846 the debt was $414.93. In 1848, however, the report showed
collections for Education amounting to $563.85 and all debts paid.
From this year there was a favorable balance, in 1854, $675.69, until
1857, when the report showed that J. S. Purefoy had lent the Board
for Education $395.19. After this the debt fluctuated, with Mr. Pure-
foy always the creditor, the amount due him on account of Education,
being $562.02 in 1862. This amount had been reduced to $335.41 at
the Convention of 1863, and the entire debt was paid during the War
by the accruals from the invested funds belonging to the Board.13
In the chapter on Bequests above, it was said that nearly all the
bequests to the College before the Civil War from which anything
was realized were for ministerial education. These were the Blount
bequest amounting to about $12,000, made in 1836 but into
12 Biblical Recorder, August 4, 1838.
13 Proceedings, p. 133, October 30, 1863. The Trustees of the College ordered the
accruals from the Blount Estate to be applied to paying the debt incurred for
Ministerial Education. See also the Account book of Mr. J. S. Purefoy, College
Treasurer, p. 500 ff., under head of Mims and Merritt Funds, which shows a
payment of $158.47 under date of Nov. 3, 1863, to the Treasurer of the Convention
for Education.
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