Ministerial-Board o f Education 611
cussion, it adopted a general regulation, under which they would
thereafter receive persons under their patronage as follows:
1st. That the individual receiving assistance, promise, in writing, not to leave its
patronage without first having permission to do so.
2nd. That on condition he does not comply with the foregoing promise, that he
obligate himself to pay back to the Convention the amount expended on his
This regulation was continued in force during the remainder of this
period.20 The Board also looked with much disfavor on its
beneficiaries marrying while in college and "highly censured Bro. [F.
A.] Belcher's marrying during his connection with them without their
consent."21 But in general it was much pleased with the conduct and
progress of the beneficiaries in their college work. In 1846, after
Yates had graduated and was preparing to start to China, the Board
said in its report to the Convention: "We feel that it is a cause of
gratitude to God that we have been permitted to raise up and prepare
one missionary to preach the Gospel to the heathen. Brother Yates has
been received by the Foreign Board of the Southern Baptist
Convention, and expects to sail for China soon in company with
Brother Shuck and others. This is an era of our labors in this State,
and we hail it as an harbinger of a glorious change."
J. H. Honeycut, Wake County, who entered the College with Yates
in 1840, was not ready for college work, and leaving after one year
did not take up the ministerial work. The next to be received, S. G.
O'Bryan, of Warren County, remained for four years under the
patronage of the Board and graduated in 1849. He immediately
became a missionary of the Board of the Convention in the region
extending from Lexington and Mocksville to Salisbury and
Statesville, laboring most successfully until after a year the weak state
of his wife's health caused him to resign his place. Going to Texas he
became Professor of Mathematics in Baylor University, but gave up
that work in 1854 to devote himself
20 See the entries relative to J. T. Albritton, August 29, 1857; J. A. Stradley,
August 28, 1858; P. Oliver, Nov. 14, 1860, in MSS, Record Book of the Board of
Managers, 1857-in the Library of Wake Forest College.
21 MSS, Minutes, July 28, 1860.
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