612 History of Wake Forest College
altogether to the ministry, in which he had much success, doing
evangelistic work and establishing many new churches. In 1864-65 he
again turned to education and became president of Bosqueville Male
and Female College, near Waco; in 1867 he took charge of the Trinity
River Male Academy, in Waco. He was a frequent correspondent of
the religious papers and prominent in the Texas Baptist State
Convention until his death in 1867. "As a preacher and a pastor he
was an eminent success." (Carroll)
J. B. Jackson, Granville County, being received as a beneficiary in
1845, remained with irregular attendance until 1850, but never got
higher than the Preparatory department. He finally left college "to get
married" and took a school located at Milton. He was one of the first
pastors of the Greensboro Baptist Church and served acceptably in
other pastorates in the Beulah and Raleigh Associations. Before the
War he went to Minnesota.
A. B. Alderman of Duplin and G. M. D. Finch of Franklin County,
entering also in 1845-46 left before they graduated. Finch had attained
Freshman standing when he left in 1850; Alderman remained only
one term of five months and until September 9 of the Fall term of
1846-47, when he left on account of sickness. Both Finch and
Alderman, however, were of good natural abilities and did successful
work in the ministry. The son of Finch and several sons of Alderman
are among the graduates of the College. J. C. Averett, Cumberland
County, who entered in 1846 graduated in 1851 and was given the
Master of Arts degree in 1855. He was a teacher as well as a preacher.
In 1856 he moved to Tennessee and the next year to Texas. William
Hobgood of Wake County was a student only for the spring term of
1848, in the Preparatory department. Robert Brewer Jones of Person
County, remained only, one year after entering in 1849-50, when he
left "in consequence of ill health." He returned to the College in 1857
and completed his course and graduated in 1861. He spent the years
between 1851 and 1857 as a missionary in the Catawba Valley and in
Charlotte, and in that town reconstituted the church. After his
graduation he remained at Wake Forest. He was agent of the College
for 1867-68 and died in 1868. Two of those who entered
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