Only thirty-six of the hundred or more ministerial students who
matriculated at Wake Forest College before the War, came under the
patronage of the Board of Managers of the Baptist State Convention,
and of these only eleven graduated. Those who received no aid from
the Board, but at some time in their lives were ministers, were much
the larger number, about two-thirds of all, and of them no fewer than
thirty received the degree of Bachelor of Arts. The list of their names
of the graduates by years is as follows: 1839, W. T. Brooks, J. H.
Brooks, W. W. Childers ; 1840, A. A. Connella, J. L. Prichard; 1847,
A. McDowell; 1848, Henry Bate Folk, W. T. Walters; 1849, W. M.
Wingate; 1850, J. C. Carlyle, D. R. Wallace; 1852, John Mitchell;
1854, T. H. Pritchard; 1855, A. J. Emerson, B. F. Marable, James A.
Pitchford; 1856, J. D. Hufham, L. H. Shuck; 1858, W. H. Jordan, Jr.,
A. F. Purefoy; 1859, N. V. B. Powell, J. M. White; 1860, W. R. Lark-
ins, R. R. Savage; 1861, Dougald C. McMillan, J. B. Richardson, W.
B. Royall; 1862, W. A. Brunt, Lansing Burrows, J. K. Howell, G. W.
Sanderlin. These added to the eleven beneficiaries who received
degrees make a total of forty-one, more than one third of the entire
number of 117 who were graduate from the College before its
suspension in 1862. With reference to these it is to be observed that
there is no evidence that D. R. Wallace ever exercised his gifts though
asked by the Wake Forest Church to do so; others preached only
rarely ; still others, as we shall see when we consider them in more
detail, found their chief occupation at the teacher's desk, and not in
the pulpit. Again, many of them formed a purpose to preach either
during their college course or after they had graduated. T. H.
Pritchard, John Mitchell, J. D. Hufham, and possibly some others
professed faith and were baptized while college students ; these as
well as many others-W. T. Brooks, J. H. Brooks, J. L. Prichard, A.
McDowell, W. H. Jordan, Jr. were licensed to preach by the Wake
Forest Baptist Church. Others, like J. M.
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